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News, news, so what's new...

The Rose West album has been pushed back many times due to various difficulties (most recent being the studio had some flooding), so the current release date is later this month. If you're in the NYC area, they'll be playing a show at the Way Station in Brooklyn, September 18th around 8pm. Woo!

And that's going to be an interesting weekend already. Apartment Jones is moving! Our space in East Harlem was nice, but management was shitty (most months they claimed we didn't pay rent, but it's because whoever received the checks would wait a few weeks before depositing it). So enough of that nonsense. I'll miss living so near to EVERYthing. I mean, a 20 minute walk to Central Park? So good. But our new place, which will be in Brooklyn, is bigger for about the same price. We'll have a proper kitchen (none of this hallway kitchen nonsense) and two full bathrooms and fifth bedroom which works out as we will be gaining a new roommate! Also, the building we're in is SO pretty! The whole block too.

The other thing of note is that I actually got a call back for an interview, after applying to who knows how many jobs in the past year. It's for a new PetSmart opening in Brooklyn. I have been really hoping to not ever work in retail, but what can I do. I'm either over-educated or inexperienced. So the interview is this coming Tuesday. They're holding the interviews at the main library which is neat. If I arrive too early, I can just go chill with some books! I'm still very nervous about the interview. I've only ever had one other interview, and that was with the place I'm still "interning" for. Though for that I had shown up and I was pretty much treated like I was already hired.

Bluuhhh... But hey, these are all good things! Stress, but not the bad kind.
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Check out the Rose West!

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I live and work with these guys (I create imagery for them, such as the above compass design), and they are good! Their debut album is due out in July. I'm excited. Fans of the Dear Hunter, 3, and Coheed and Cambria should be excited too. =)

The Rose West on...
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Meme time: In a comment, request a picture of any aspect(s) of my life that you'd like to see - be as specific, or as vague, as you would like. Comments are screened.

Since I found my rechargeable batteries, I have a camera again! Yay~
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Since Ari posted something about hers, I wanna post about us. Next Monday (the 11th) will be one year of courtship for E and me. Cheers and fanfare, etc. We have plans to go to Tea and Sympathy for lunch-ish. I've been there before, and it's a really cute little tea place with a very sweet and very British staff (at least, I assume they're real imports).

And this weekend is apparently NYCC? Despite living in The City now, I have no real plans to go. Not having money really discourages one from going to places. But since one flatmate, who got a weekend pass, can't make it to one of the days I'll probably go on whichever day that is. E's been making the huge-ass axe from Brutal Legend for another flatmate, Rob, who will be cosplaying Eddie riggs. He's already got his beard shaved and dyed accordingly. Sooo ridiculous.
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So after two months in the city...

I'm at the same internship (same money but fewer days because there's just not enough for me to do and/or my boss has appointments and meetings), also working occasionally at Puppet Kitchen which is no pay, but they feed me. I've been helping with there Eric Carle proposal. I painted and trimmed a porcupine!

I applied at the nearest Borders to us, which is about 15 blocks, I think? And I applied at Strand: my favorite bookstore yet. Still have to apply at Barnes & Noble. Are there any other notable bookstores to apply to for job? Hm... then I'm thinking maybe Office Depot and Petco. I like office supplies and animals. I've been looking at design job postings everyday, but I really don't believe I'm qualified. And I think right now I'd rather keep my creative endeavors to a personal hobby. I made an etsy account, so once I have things to sell and things to mail them in, I'll link all y'all.

ALSO: Check out Swagbucks.com It's the closest I've seen to "free" money (It's all about advertisements and sponsors) You use their search engine every four or so hours, answer surveys, view special offers, and you get points, and points get you stuff. There's a lot, but I'm only on there to earn the Amazon gift cards. Since the points to money ratio is low, you have to be patient. But... yeah. Check it.

...there is an eeeety bitty spider hanging from the computer. That's a refreshing changes from the flies and cockroaches.
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A heads up

I'm hopping on a train to NYC this Sunday, staying with friends in Queens, and going to my first interview ever on Tuesday for a graphic design internship. I want to resume regular journal-keeping, either here, or in a book. I'm really excited but scared as hell too about moving to The City. And I plan on taking small commissions. Might there be any interest?
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